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Hexagrams Sent to Auction
9/4/2015 6:45:38 AM TALK

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9/3/2015 11:08:01 PM TALK

Jay Lord Sent to Auction
9/3/2015 12:51:09 AM TALK

Assign The Assasin Sent to Auction
9/2/2015 11:00:18 PM TALK

Sprint Kingdom Sent to Auction
9/2/2015 9:06:55 PM TALK

Assign The Assasin Sent to Auction
9/2/2015 7:05:26 AM TALK

Dial The Soul Sent to Auction
9/1/2015 1:42:43 PM TALK

Prissy Burn Sent to Auction
9/1/2015 7:51:28 AM TALK

Groovy Pop Sent to Auction
8/31/2015 7:41:09 PM TALK

Liki Tikis Sent to Auction
8/31/2015 7:40:14 PM TALK

Triple Test Sent to Auction
8/31/2015 3:19:36 PM TALK

Fly Opt Sent to Auction
8/28/2015 3:49:26 PM TALK

Whats Wings Sent to Auction
8/26/2015 4:07:37 AM TALK

Dial The Soul Sent to Auction
8/25/2015 8:18:49 AM TALK

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A young horse’s hoof grows at a rate of about half an inch a month. As it ages, this drops to a quarter of an inch a month.
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Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses do not race against each other in this game. Each breed has their own specific tracks and races.