Claiming Race Basics

What Is A Claiming Race?

The basic definition of a "Claiming Race" is a race in which any horse entered in the race may be Claimed (purchased) by any other stable for the claiming price of the race. By entering a horse in a Claiming Race, you are essentially offering your horse up for sale.

The claiming price is usually different from the purse (prize money) that is offered to the winners of the race. There are varying levels of Claiming Races. Claiming prices range from about TH$1,000 up to TH$100,000+ depending on the race. Some races are Maiden Claiming, which are intended for horses that have never won a race. Other Claiming Races are unrestricted. Usually the better horses are entered in the more expensive claimers while the lower rank and older horses are entered in the lower priced Claiming Races.

Since a Claiming Race requires each owner that enters the race to agree to the "price tag" for their horse, this means horses should be competing against more or less equal competition. Just don't enter your horse in a Claiming Race for a price less than your horse is really worth. (For information on horse values see Help Center topic "Horse Valuation.")

Relatively few horses that are entered in the appropriate level of Claiming Race actually get claimed, but if you just don't want to run the risk then don't enter your horse in any claiming races. However, you might be missing out on some good money making opportunities.

Why Enter Claimers?

Claiming Races are the "meat and potatoes" of the racing world, and make up a large portion of the actual races that occur each day. Relatively few horses are really Allowance or Stakes material. Even fewer can win at that level.

If you have a horse that is struggling in the higher class races, take a look at the Claiming Races. They may offer easier competition. Beware however, since some Claiming Races are chock full of crafty veteran horses that are no pushover. If you spot your horse carefully, you can win and make good money for your stable in Claiming Races.

Remember, this is a game. It requires some risk taking to succeed. 

Which Claiming Races Should I Enter?

Choosing the right Claiming Race for your horse can be confusing. It's hard enough to find the correct distance and track to run your horse at. Throw in the added complexity of what price level of Claimer to run in and you've got to be thinking hard. Look at the horses running in the different levels of claimers. Enter your horse in a race that seems like a good equal match with a tag that reflects your opinion of the value of your horse. Move your horse up to a higher priced claiming tag if you win, or stay at the same level if you like. If your horse loses, you might try dropping down a level or two.

HEY! Someone Claimed My Horse!

It happens. Someone thought your horse was a bargain, or saw potential. They may be right, or their investment may not pay off. Only time will tell.

Remember, if someone claimed your horse they have only managed to buy a few bits of "data." Your horse is now theirs. Meanwhile, you have been paid the claiming price and can use that money to fund your stable operations, buy a new horse at auction or claim another horse yourself. The game is all about taking chances and using your money wisely.

How Can I Claim A Horse?

Refer to the Help Center topic called "Claiming Horses" found under "Horse Sales" for information on how to go about placing a claim on a horse.

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