Jockey Silks

"Silks" refers to the colorful jackets worn by a jockey during a horse race.  This is derived from the fact that the jacket or shirt is traditionally made of silk material, although synthetic fabrics are often used today.

"Racing Colors" is the term used to refer to the chosen colors and pattern of jacket and helmet worn by the jockey.

In real horse racing, each horse owner has uniquely designed Silks which they provide to the jockey that will ride their horse.  That way horses can be easily identified during the course of a race based on the Racing Colors each jockey is wearing.

The design of silks varies widely. Some horse owners choose simple solid colors. Other owners prefer complex patterns and makings often incorporating such things as crowns, hearts, diamonds, stripes, dots, checks, stars, chevrons or hoops along with a dazzling array of color combinations.

You can design your own unique Silks for your Trophy Horse stable using a design and color combination of your own creation. An image of your Silks will appear in several areas of the website, including the Race Program next to your upcoming entries.

If you operate more than one stable, you can have different silks for each stable.

Below is the blank "Silks Template" you can download (Save) to your computer to begin creating your design. To begin the process, just do the following:

1. Click once on the "Silks Template" link below.

2. Next, right click on the picture of the silks to bring up a menu.

3. Choose "Save Image As" and the silks template will be downloaded to your computer.
Be sure to note the location on your computer where you saved the file, since you will need to work with it later:

Silks Template

To add your colors and designs, you will need to use a graphics software application on your computer such as Microsoft Paint or Adobe Photoshop etc.

Many computers come pre- installed with Microsoft Paint (Start > All Programs > Accessories >  Paint), or a comparable graphics software application. Some working knowledge of how to use your computer and the graphics software is needed. Here are some basic instructions you can follow:

1. Open the "Template" file you saved to your computer using your graphics software. Do this by right clicking icon of the template file you saved to your computer to bring up a menu. Then click on the command "Open With > Paint" (or other graphics software you will use).

2. Use the View > Zoom function in your graphics software to enlarge the image of the silks so it's easier to work with. Now, start adding your colors and designs using your computers graphics software application.

 3. If you are only able to add gray colors, try converting the template to a different file type. For example, use the command from the menu bar in your graphics software of:
"File > Save As > Save as type > JPEG > Save."
Then try adding your colors and designs.

4. When you are done adding your colors, patterns and designs save it to your computer as a JPEG or GIF file.

5. Finally, upload your completed Silks design from your computer to the game using this link:

Upload Link

If your file is too large (Limit 20k) or you are having trouble downloading to the site, try saving the file using a different format, preferably GIF or JPEG.  Also, make sure the Image > Attribute dimensions have not changed significantly. (1.04" x 1.04")

Please don't significantly deviate from the template design.  The general shape of the shirt and cap should not be changed. 

Do not intentionally copy other players Silks design without their permission. There will naturally be similarities between some stables silks by sheer coincidence, so don't get too upset if another stables Silks look similar to yours.


Do not use anything offensive, explicit, pornographic or illicit when designing your Silks. Failure to follow this rule could lead to penalty, fines and / or potential banning from the site.  Also, due to legal issues avoid the use of any copyrighted artwork, copyrighted photos, copyrighted images, copyrighted designs or trademarks etc unless you have express written permission to use them on this site from the copyright owner.

Be original and creative in designing your Silks.  Your horses and jockeys will appreciate their new look!  If you grow tired of your Racing Colors, you can change as often as you like. If you have difficulty changing to a new silks design, try giving your new silks a different file name Then, go to the Upload Link, reset your silks and upload the new file.

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