Claiming Horses

In addition to the Auction and Private Treaty Sales, you can also acquire horses from Claiming Races.

Any horse entered in tomorrows Claiming Races may be claimed (purchased) by any stable for the claiming price of the race.  The claim must be made before the race is run.

Claiming prices can vary significantly, and range from about TH$1,000 to TH$200,000+.

Before making any claims, it's wise to first become familiar with the game so you understand the the value of horses and the importance of factors such as a horses age, gender, racing record, pedigree, profit potential etc.

Bargains can be found in Claiming Races by shrewd players who have knowledge and are willing to take the time necessary to find good opportunities.

Making a Claim:

To find horses in tomorrows Claiming Races and place claim(s), proceed as follows:

1. First, click on the "Claiming Races" link in the Main Menu on your left.

2. Next, click on the date for the track you want to look at. This will bring up the Race Program for all races at the selected track. Not all of the races listed will be Claiming races.

3. Claiming races are labeled as "Claiming," and the "Claiming Price" (cost) of horses in each Claiming race is indicated in the heading of the race along with the race description etc. (Note: The Claiming Price is usually a different amount than the Purse.)

4. Next you may want to review the racing history of horses entered in Claiming Races for that track. You can do this by clicking on "the View Daily Form" link found in the upper right area of the Race Program, or by clicking on each horses name to review the Horses Information Page of each horse entered in the Claiming Race.

5. If you find a horse you want to claim, click on the word "Claim" which is located just to the right of the horse's name / stable name on the "Race Program" page. Then follow the on screen instructions. Once you have placed a claim, a record of it will be shown in the "Current Claims" count that is found at the bottom of the Race Program. Claims can not be canceled or withdrawn by you for any reason.

6. Each individual stable can place one claim on any horse that is entered in a claiming race, including their own horse(s). If the same stable places more than one claim on a horse, the extra claims will be ignored. If you operate more than one stable, each of your stables is allowed to place a claim on the same horse if you desire.

7. Horses with claims placed on them are listed at the bottom of the Race Program. If more than one claim has been placed, the number of claims are listed  in parenthesis.

8. Horses with pending valid claims placed on them can not be scratched from the race.

9. The winner of the claim is decided after the race has been run by random selection, except that Premium Stables (ie: Subscribers) have first priority as one of their benefits. Emails are sent to stables that are the winner and loser(s) of claims.

10. Shortly after the race is run, the horse and claiming price are automatically transferred between the former owner and the stable that wins the claim.   The former owner receives any purse money the horse may have won in the race. Claims may not process if the person who claimed the horse has insufficient funds at the time of the transaction to pay the claiming price.

11. A horse that has been claimed is automatically scratched from any future Claiming Races it may have been entered in by the prior owner.

You can go through each of the tracks races using the above method. As a more convenient alternative you can use the "Claiming Book" feature as follows:

Claiming Book:

Another way more convenient way to view and claim horses entered in tomorrows Claiming Races is by using the "Claiming Book." The link for the Claiming Book can be found in the "Daily Racing News" located in the Main Menu. The Claiming Book is a convenient summary of all horses entered in tomorrows Claiming Races, and spans over several pages. Each column of the Claiming Book can be sorted in ascending or descending order by simply clicking on the title at the top of any column.

The columns are:
     - Name
     - Breed
     - Sex
     - Race
     - Claiming price
     - Age
     - Wins
     - Starts
     - Earnings
     - Sire

When you click on a race horses name, it will take you to that horses page.  Then, clicking on the Race ID# for tomorrows race takes you to the Race Program. From there, to place a claim proceed as described above. 

Good Luck!

It takes time and patience to sort through all the horses in Claiming Races, but the time and effort required can pay handsome dividends.

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