Anyone heard or seen any new updates thanks
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Knee Deep 5/8/2020 10:18:54 AM
Just wondered if i missed any thing

Circle image Rockin Double R 5/8/2020 10:55:50 AM
Hadn’t seen anything new. Checking every day hoping it starts up

Circle image admin 5/9/2020 10:31:12 AM
Beta starts Monday. New game starts June 1st.

Circle image Rockin Double R 5/9/2020 11:12:20 AM
Awesome news!

EBT Racing 5/9/2020 11:53:54 AM
That is awesome to hear.

Circle image admin 5/9/2020 1:29:34 PM

Circle image admin 5/9/2020 5:13:47 PM

ArtfulArchRacing 5/10/2020 11:26:19 AM

Circle image Argentmoon Racing 5/10/2020 3:42:06 PM
I'm so excited! Can't wait to see it develop. I see a few familiar names, I used to go by Troutdale Farm. happy :)

Reddog Racing 5/10/2020 5:41:39 PM
I got a email today. Trophy Horse is coming back. Now I’m curious.

Circle image Whitebrook Training Farm 5/10/2020 8:18:38 PM
OMG I am sooooo excited \o/

Circle image Pyramid Peaks Legends 5/11/2020 8:14:17 PM
A Big Thank You to Jeff, for bringing Trophy Horse back. Can't wait to breed some legends.

Circle image Whitebrook Training Farm 5/12/2020 5:54:02 PM
YES! Thank you so much, Jeff!

BASCA 5/12/2020 10:17:42 PM
will we train the same as before