any word on when the game is starting again
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St Reims 3/22/2021 6:01:04 PM
Hi Jeff, can you please give an update on what is happening with this site. Its been a long time since you said Trophyhorse would be starting again. I guess I just want to know, is it actually going to come back? or probably not?


3/27/2021 1:57:50 PM
This game was super fun ! Without seeing 1 picture or any image of anything! To look back now even before the fallout at the end there was always something going on! Hell, even I was caught up in the mess a few times ( thx Keith ) without knowing I was until I logged in and seen my horses were getting killed off until I called ( well you know who ) .. at that time he ( jeff ) was getting bombarded with anything and everything! Someone didn't like the way you named a horse ? Guess what? ( call jeff ) . Someone heard someone blowing your nose ??? Ooo I better call jeff!! Hear the doorbell ring? There is 200 pizzas there!! Wake up , walk outside to get the paper ? Guess what? House is up for sale !! Phone rings! Answer it , hello? It's a voice over saying I'm Johnny Cockerin! and because u banned ( Keith's) stable your getting sued because this was his job makin money! And all this for what? Will things change? Idk maybe? Maybe it will turn a new leaf and be problem free? It "was" a fun game and the looks of what's changing so far is making it more realistic so 2 say ! Soo , who knows? Hopefully it will be back ( he (jeff) ain't doing this for nothing ! It will eventually be back) and only time will tell how long it is back !

Tiptop Stables 3/27/2021 2:00:28 PM
Tiptop above

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Lost Lake Farm 4/16/2021 8:51:12 AM
Hi St Reims - I think we should allow Jeff to work on it as he sees fit, yes we are all eager to have it up and running again but constantly questioning him is not going to inspire him to work any harder / faster. We need to be patient.

Tiptop - That scenario you described is pretty wild; but I think the solution is to have moderators appointed who can mute / suspend players who harass anyone or break any rules. Additionally, they should be the ones that do conflict resolution. Jeff should be free to deal with technical issues and that's it. Drama is irritating and frustrating, and we should be able to deal with it amongst ourselves. I think if Jeff selects a few reasonable people as his moderator team, they could field the petty things so he can focus on the technical things.

My $0.02
- Lost Lake Farm