Horse Racing Game

Horse Breeding Game is the realistic online horse racing game featuring hundreds of daily races.

Manage your foals from birthing through their final stakes and on to the next generation in this truly one of a kind interactive simulation...
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Horse Racing Game
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Top Stakes Winners
Green Monsta
$487,500 @ Kentucky Stakes
Green Lizard
$431,000 @ M C Stake 566
Just Remarkable
$431,000 @ M C Stake 567
Soileau Cobra
$406,000 @ BV 132 stakes
King Cross
$381,000 @ BV 128 stakes
291 Races Today
Auctions Ending Soon
$500 - ssssskkklke
TB F by Dixon Account
$6,275 - Radio Tune
TB F by Rocket Man
$10,025 - Three Ten
TB M by Launch Party
$450 - Tales Of Galileo
TB M by Tales Of Bravery
$450 - Secret Dreamer
TB M by Giant Secret
57 Current Auctions
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