Horse Racing Game

Horse Breeding Game is the realistic online horse racing game featuring hundreds of daily races.

Manage your foals from birthing through their final stakes and on to the next generation in this truly one of a kind interactive simulation...
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Horse Racing Game
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Top Stakes Winners
Dash Through
$362,500 @ TR Nov No. 51
Tumble Fly
$312,500 @ TR Nov No. 50
Splash Works
$303,500 @ C L Stake 1308
Summer Insurance
$300,000 @ Florida Derby
Bully Pattern
$237,500 @ TR Nov No. 47
281 Races Today
Auctions Ending Soon
$450 - Overlook Mine
TB F by Jailhouse Rock
$475 - Redox Kiss
TB F by Oxi G
$525 - Ange Du Mal
TB F by Space With Ace
$450 - Reliable Beam
TB F by Iron Beam
$450 - Horse ID# 704245
TB M by Words Just Whistle
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