Horse Racing Game

Horse Breeding Game is the realistic online horse racing game featuring hundreds of daily races.

Manage your foals from birthing through their final stakes and on to the next generation in this truly one of a kind interactive simulation...
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Horse Racing Game
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Top Stakes Winners
Senta Thriller
$355,000 @ Kranji Stakes 495
$354,500 @ NJ Super Mile
Thomas Lake
$325,000 @ Ruidoso Championship
Spaghetti Squash
$305,000 @ F0914MD
$279,500 @ O0914KY
255 Races Today
Auctions Ending Soon
$450 - Ms Gold Digger
TB F by Golden Jack
$450 - Magnum Roots
TB F by Xxplosive Roots
$450 - Rosie Ruhi
TB F by Bebe Ruhi
$450 - Thats How We Roll
TB M by Canal Barge
$450 - Voodoo Dan
TB Gelding by Faked Out
72 Current Auctions
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